Car/Trucking Accidents

New Orleans and Louisiana Car/Trucking Accidents Attorneys

$2,000,000 - Auto/Streetcar Collision


Plaintiff in this case was a passenger in a car in New Orleans. The driver of the care turned left over streetcar tracks and was struck by streetcar. Defendant refused to offer anything in settlement. At trial, The Glorioso Law Firm called to the stand two witnesses from a sidewalk café who testified that they saw the streetcar conductor “checking out” the female customers, i.e. he was not looking for traffic. While plaintiff, a self-employed electrician, showed only $3,000+ in taxable income the year before the collision, The Glorioso Law Firm was able to show that was it not for a back injury (operated disc) he would have received thousands of dollars of federal minority set asides over his lifetime. After a trial and appeal, The Glorioso Law Firm won a $2,000,000+ judgment.

As our city streets and highways become more crowded with automobile and truck traffic, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you will be involved in an accident. According to the latest statistics, there are on average six million car accidents each year in the United States resulting in more than three million injuries, some being permanent injuries. At The Glorioso Law Firm, we understand how devastating an auto accident or trucking accident can be. We have helped injured people throughout Louisiana and across the nation receive compensation for their injuries. Many car, truck and motorcycle accidents are caused by the recklessness or negligence of other drivers; drivers who speed, who are inattentive or driving under the influence. Especially in today’s environment we are finding that distracted drivers are causing more and more injuries. Texting while driving is a serious problem and The Glorioso Law Firm is well aware of this fact.

In Louisiana, a motorist is under a duty to drive prudently. This includes the duty to control the vehicle and be alert at all times. Most rear end accidents in Louisiana are caused by following too close and lack of attention. If you are involved in an accident, there are certain steps you should immediately take to protect yourself:

  • Immediately contact the police and report the accident
  • Contact a lawyer
  • If possible, write down as many details about what happened and information on all parities involved in the accident, including their name, address, license plate number and insurance carrier
  • If the accident is out of danger of oncoming traffic and it’s safe to walk around, take pictures of the accident scene for your files if you are able
  • See a doctor to document your injuries and get medical treatment
  • Keep receipts and bills for all expenses relating to your claim, including bills for any repair work on the damaged vehicle, medical costs, prescription costs and lost wages

The Glorioso Law Firm has a long and distinguished record of determining fault and receiving just compensation for those injured in car accidents and trucking accidents. Whether you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident in Louisiana or anywhere else, whether it’s a minor accident or major crash involving injury or even death, we have the expertise to represent you or your loved one.  We know what needs to be done so you can receive the compensation to get your life back to normal. Let our family fight for yours so you can receive the justice you deserve.

$12,000,000 - Commercial airliner crash


The Glorioso Law Firm was asked to meet with the husband of a women aboard the fatal crash of a U.S. Air flight near Pittsburg, PA. Many aviation attorneys had written solicitation letters and sent brochures and videos hyping their talent, experience and results. After several hours of discussion and hearing the widower describe the scene of the crash including body parts still in the trees and on the ground, we asked if he would walk us through the scene. He did and later that day he chose us as his attorney. The case settled before trial.

$3,000,000 - Highway Defect – Auto/Highway Defect – Jury Verdict


Plaintiff was a passenger in her car when another vehicle encountered a significant dip/bump (highway defect) causing the following vehicle to strike plaintiff’s car from the rear causing plaintiff’s vehicle to go out of control. Plaintiff nearly lost her leg but heroic – state-of-the-art reconstruction surgery saved the leg but left plaintiff with a limp and a disfigured leg.adobe creative suites


$2,200,000 - Trucking accident involving burns


Plaintiff, while stopped in emergency lane on interstate highway (but partially into travel lane) was rear-ended by moving truck rented to small New York, LLC with limited insurance. Plaintiff sued Ryder under Logo Liability Doctrine. Defendant settled before trial.

$2,000,000 - Aviation crash of C-130


Plaintiff, pilot and crew were following then current operations manual when on take off an outboard engine, designed to go to a flat pitch, actually went into reverse. The flight manual, developed by the manufacturer required the pilot to attempt to fly rather than abort. The plane rolled on take off and crashed inverted. The case was settled during jury selection. Plaintiff’s evidence resulted in the flight manual being changed and the outboard engine cables being redesigned.

$500,000 - Automobile Accident, Wrongful Death


A gentleman from Mississippi was traveling along a highway when another vehicle entered the intersection hitting plaintiff’s vehicle and causing fatal injuries. The Glorioso Law Firm argued that the defendant driver ran a stop sign and caused the accident. There was a witness who testified that the stop sign was knocked down by a previous storm and that plaintiff was speeding. The defendant driver argued that he stopped at the intersection and that plaintiff was speeding. The Glorioso Law Firm filed the lawsuit against both the driver and his employer claiming that the defendant driver was in course and scope of his employment. The employer argued that the driver was off duty at the time of the accident. This case was resolved before trial for $500,000.

$300,000 - Automobile Accident, Wrongful Death


A man was riding on the back of a trailer participating in a parade when the vehicle behind him suddenly ran into and up onto the trailer causing fatal injuries. The Glorioso Law Firm successfully argued that the defendant driver and passenger were both negligent for the accident. The defendant driver plead the 5th amendment and refused to answer any questions under oath. He had a minimum insurance policy. The defendant passenger aggressively argued that she was not at fault. The case was resolved for $300,000.

$285,000 - Bus accident involving personal injury


A 70 year old gentlemen from New Jersey was on a chartered commercial bus with a group of friends leaving a casino on the gulf coast heading to New Orleans when the vehicle in front of the bus suddenly stopped causing a rear-end collision. The plaintiff was thrown from his seat and suffered a lung and chest injury.. TGLF argued that the Bus driver was negligent and inattentive and could have avoided the accident. The case was settled before trial for $285,000.

$125,000 - Car accident involving cervical injuries


A married couple were driving in Mississippi when they came to a stop and were rear-ended. The husband suffered neck and back injuries. The defendant argued that the injuries were pre-existing. TGLF successfully resolved this matter for $125,000.

$120,000 - Car accident involving 18-wheeler


A married couple from Alabama were in Louisiana and traveling on the interstate when a 18 wheeler struck them from behind causing injuries. The suit was filed in Federal Court in the Western District of Louisiana. TGLF alleged that the driver of the 18 wheel truck was solely at fault and was in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the accident. The case was resolved for $120,000.