Injuries to Children

New Orleans and Louisiana Injuries to Children Attorneys

There is no greater tragedy than the loss of a child.  Representing parents who have suffered this loss and representing children who have suffered serious life altering injuries is intellectually and emotionally challenging.  In order to do your job successfully you must face your clients’ debilitating, lifelong injuries and the devastating realities of their futures head on. There is no easy way around it. In order to discover the actual and potential damages and to be able to relate them to defense counsel, defendants, adjusters, mediators, judges, and juries it is absolutely necessary to spend time with your clients.  This is imperative because children lack the ability to articulate their injuries, pain and suffering and parents often and understandably deny the magnitude of their child’s injuries.  You cannot simply ask these types of clients what their injuries are and how their lives are affected.  You must witness it firsthand. There is no greater example for why we do what we do, for why we are needed to speak on behalf of the weak and the victims of injustice who cannot speak for themselves than the advocate who speaks on behalf of the child. Children do not get a jury of their peers.  The defendants, defense lawyers, judges, mediators, adjusters and jurors have to be reminded what it was like to be a kid.  You have to get them to identify with the 5, 8 or 13 year old.  They have to remember and understand how pain affects children differently than it does adults.  That painful injuries exact a more cruel toll on a child than the same injury would from an adult better able to cope with or understand the pain.  This was best put to words by trial lawyer Francis Hare, Sr. from Birmingham, AL when he said “Children lack the armor of maturity-the acquired Spartan or Stoic philosophy that what cannot be cured must be endured.  They have been taught that pain means punishment or discipline and needless accidental pain is a traumatic experience ill suited to their emotional welfare.”

Confidential settlement - Failure to timely diagnose Hodgkins Lymphoma in a child


14 year old girl's symptoms of difficulty breathing and tiredness were downplayed and ignored for several months by her pediatrician. Eventually she was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma at a vary late stage. Despite her being a Jehovah Witness and unable to receive blood transfusions and platelets, she survived much longer than anyone predicted. Her case was resolved before she got too sick and was able to enjoy her last year of life by going on a family vacation and swimming with dolphins. The Glorioso Law Firm was able to fight for her and get her case resolved so that her quality of life was increased prior to her death. A death that could have been prevented had her pediatrician timely ordered a simple x-ray or done one blood test.


Confidential settlement - Physician performs unnecessary spinal surgery that leads to paralysis


12 year old girl suffered permanent paralysis from the waist down following an unnecessary spine surgery. No amount of money can make her whole again but due to having the right law firm fight for her and her family, she was able to obtain enough money to have a specially equipped handicap accessible home and vehicle. She was also able to afford the assistance needed to continue with her educational goals of going to college and earning a degree.  As a result, her family was provided security that they could always take care of their little girl’s medical, physical and emotional needs.

Confidential settlement - Hospital’s failure to have child’s anti-seizure medication leads to brain damage