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 In preparing to write this message I turned to my "quick fixes" for inspiration and ideas. I found a book entitled 'In Search of Atticus Finch' written by Mike Papantonio. It was given to me by my father in hopes that I would strive to have a fulfilling life which included important things other than professional success. This was something no one impressed upon him until he was 55 years of age. Being the daughter of a successful trial lawyer I

 There was a time, perhaps in our parents' generation, when, if a woman had two children, and one had become a doctor and the other a lawyer, she was equally proud of both.  On the scale of public esteem, lawyers stood near the top along with the ministry and medicine.  Now, we are much further down the line.  As lawyers today, new or experienced, we are constantly defending our profession and ourselves as trial lawyers.  We've all heard the labels and