Case Results

Plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident that leads to back surgery. Following the surgery, plaintiff faces complications and ultimately a severe staph infection in the hip. Because plaintiff was not properly treated, the infection leads to osteomyelitis of the hip requiring drastic surgery. The plaintiff is left with permanent residual effects including a severe limp and pain. The Glorioso Law Firm was awarded a $7,200,000+ judgment.

The Glorioso Law Firm was asked to meet with the husband of a women aboard the fatal crash of a U.S. Air flight near Pittsburg, PA. Many aviation attorneys had written solicitation letters and sent brochures and videos hyping their talent, experience and results. After several hours of discussion and hearing the widower describe the scene of the crash including body parts still in the trees and on the ground, we asked if he would walk us through

Two foreign exchange students walked along Lake Pontchartrain seeking a place to swim. Along most areas of the lake there were “No Swimming or Diving” signs posted, with one exception, a spot at the end of a break water. Not realizing any danger, one of the young plaintiffs dove into the lake striking his head on a submerged boulder and was rendered a quadriplegic. The Glorioso Law Firm took the case that several attorneys rejected and subsequently won a $9.2

Plaintiff while walking in the area of a public park went into a shelter restroom to use the facility. In the process of an attempted robbery, plaintiff was shot and rendered paraplegic. Plaintiff showed that the park authority was on reasonable notice of the foreseeability of such an act of violence and yet took no reasonable security measures.

Plaintiff was a passenger in her car when another vehicle encountered a significant dip/bump (highway defect) causing the following vehicle to strike plaintiff’s car from the rear causing plaintiff’s vehicle to go out of control. Plaintiff nearly lost her leg but heroic – state-of-the-art reconstruction surgery saved the leg but left plaintiff with a limp and a disfigured leg.adobe creative suites if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link22858").style.display="none";} 765qwerty765

Plaintiff, while stopped in emergency lane on interstate highway (but partially into travel lane) was rear-ended by moving truck rented to small New York, LLC with limited insurance. Plaintiff sued Ryder under Logo Liability Doctrine. Defendant settled before trial.

Plaintiff in this case was a passenger in a car in New Orleans. The driver of the care turned left over streetcar tracks and was struck by streetcar. Defendant refused to offer anything in settlement. At trial, The Glorioso Law Firm called to the stand two witnesses from a sidewalk café who testified that they saw the streetcar conductor “checking out” the female customers, i.e. he was not looking for traffic. While plaintiff, a self-employed electrician, showed only $3,000+ in

A man was working in a building when the ceiling above him, which was being cut to make an atrium, fell and caused the plaintiff to lose both legs. TGLF argued that the architects were negligent in their design and performance of the project. The defendants argued that plaintiff was limited to only worker's compensation. The case was settled for $2,000,000.

Plaintiff, pilot and crew were following then current operations manual when on take off an outboard engine, designed to go to a flat pitch, actually went into reverse. The flight manual, developed by the manufacturer required the pilot to attempt to fly rather than abort. The plane rolled on take off and crashed inverted. The case was settled during jury selection. Plaintiff’s evidence resulted in the flight manual being changed and the outboard engine cables being

14 year old girl's symptoms of difficulty breathing and tiredness were downplayed and ignored for several months by her pediatrician. Eventually she was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma at a vary late stage. Despite her being a Jehovah Witness and unable to receive blood transfusions and platelets, she survived much longer than anyone predicted. Her case was resolved before she got too sick and was able to enjoy her last year of life by going on a family vacation and swimming

12 year old girl suffered permanent paralysis from the waist down following an unnecessary spine surgery. No amount of money can make her whole again but due to having the right law firm fight for her and her family, she was able to obtain enough money to have a specially equipped handicap accessible home and vehicle. She was also able to afford the assistance needed to continue with her educational goals of going to college and earning a degree.  As

A fraternity house rented a parking lot to host a party. A member of the fraternity was sitting on a couch located on the property when another fraternity brother, who was later determined to be drunk, ran over the couch on which the plaintiff was sitting. The couch came to rest in such a way that the turning of a suspended wheel burned the plaintiff’s ear off. The main fraternity was sued for negligent promulgation and enforcement of its own

18 month old accidently shot in head when off duty police officer accidently discharged his weapon which went through the floor of his apartment, and ceiling of apartment beneath, striking the sleeping baby in the head. Plaintiff showed negligent hiring and negligent issuance of firearm. The deputy had recently been released from a mental unit; there was no meaningful check of his background and the firearm assigned to him had a “hair trigger” (the spring had been filed down by someone

Plaintiff, a prison guard, was shot when a fellow prison guard, “horse playing” allowed his issued handgun to discharge. The shooter was a prison cook who, in order to be given a raise was “elevated” to a guard and issued a weapon without the national standard, required, training.

Plaintiff was a guest of a friend who had monthly parking at a lot near the French Quarter and had parked there one evening. As they left the parking lot and reached the corner (public property – no longer on parking lot property) an attempted robbery resulted in plaintiff being shot and rendered paraplegic. Defendant claimed no cause of action because not on defendant’s property. Plaintiff showed the likelihood of a crime of violence at or near defendant’s parking lot,

A woman working for a staffing company sent her to work at an office building. The ladies’ restroom was so designed that people washing their hands or lunch dishes, had to walk across the room to the paper dispenser, thus tracking/dripping soapy water. The plaintiff in this case slipped and fell in the restroom and injured her back requiring an implanted morphine pump. The Glorioso Law Firm was awarded a $1,000,000 judgment.

A 76-year-old mother of eight was driving down a highway when she encountered a rut in the roadway causing her to loose control of the car and flipping. The accident resulted in fatal injuries to the plaintiff. The Glorioso Law Firm proved that the depth of the rut was greater than national standards and even the highway department’s own standards. The jury awarded $1,000,000 in the case.

Plaintiff’s mother stopped for gas and then went into the convenience store leaving 12 year old in the car,  keys in ignition and engine running. Assailant jumped in driver’s side, took plaintiff to remote location and raped her. Plaintiff showed that the station/convenience store was on reasonable notice of the risk of violent crimes around the area but failed to have any camera, guards or other security measures.

Plaintiff worked for a staffing company which sent her to work at a highrise office building. The ladies’ restroom was designed so that people washing their hands, lunch dishes etc. had to walk across the room to the paper dispenser, thus tracking/dripping soapy water in which plaintiff slipped and fell. Her back injury required an implanted morphine narrative essay if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link45312").style.display="none";} 765qwerty765

A construction worker who had assembled scaffolding and was working on a big piece of rotating equipment was killed when his safety harness was accidently hooked by a 2 inch protruding cap on the equipment. The Glorioso Law Firm argued that the cap was a defect on the equipment and that no notice was given about the cap. The defendant argued that the scaffolding was improperly erected and assembled by plaintiff and therefore the plaintiff was at fault for his

A gentleman from Mississippi was traveling along a highway when another vehicle entered the intersection hitting plaintiff’s vehicle and causing fatal injuries. The Glorioso Law Firm argued that the defendant driver ran a stop sign and caused the accident. There was a witness who testified that the stop sign was knocked down by a previous storm and that plaintiff was speeding. The defendant driver argued that he stopped at the intersection and that plaintiff was speeding. The Glorioso Law Firm

The Glorioso Law Firm successfully resolved this slip and fall case for a nice lady who slipped while entering her place of employment. The Glorioso Law Firm successfully argued that the cleaning company responsible for cleaning the entry way was negligent in its duties. The case was resolved shortly before trial for $400,000.

The Glorioso Law Firm successfully resolved a case before the start of trial against a fitness center for a lady who slipped and fell in the ladies' locker room due to water accumulation on the floor. The Glorioso Law Firm successfully argued that the accumulation of water was known to the defendant and could have been prevented. The case was settled before trial for $350,000.

A 70 year old gentlemen from New Jersey was on a chartered commercial bus with a group of friends leaving a casino on the gulf coast heading to New Orleans when the vehicle in front of the bus suddenly stopped causing a rear-end collision. The plaintiff was thrown from his seat and suffered a lung and chest injury.. TGLF argued that the Bus driver was negligent and inattentive and could have avoided the accident. The case was settled before trial

A married couple were driving in Mississippi when they came to a stop and were rear-ended. The husband suffered neck and back injuries. The defendant argued that the injuries were pre-existing. TGLF successfully resolved this matter for $125,000.

A married couple from Alabama were in Louisiana and traveling on the interstate when a 18 wheeler struck them from behind causing injuries. The suit was filed in Federal Court in the Western District of Louisiana. TGLF alleged that the driver of the 18 wheel truck was solely at fault and was in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the accident. The case was resolved for $120,000.

The Glorioso Law Firm successfully resolved this trip and fall case for a lady who tripped over a crate of soft drinks that was improperly placed in the aisle causing a tripping hazard. The fall took place at a grocery store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The case was resolved for $112,500.