Why you may need a personal injury trial lawyer

 by: Vincent "Trey" Glorioso, III Personal injury law and jury trials are very difficult and require a lot of work and skill. It can be very stressful. It is very serious work that should [...]

Car accidents – Don’t be surprised if an insurance company denies responsibility for something that seems clear.

All too often, The Glorioso Law Firm is hired by a client who was seriously injured in an car accident and the liability of the defendant seems clear. However, very often, the at fault driver's [...]

Top 5 things to do if you slip and fall

1. Get help. Tell someone who works at the establishment. Don't be embarrassed. Without any record of your incident, the establishment and/or insurance company will dispute whether you actually fell. 2. Take pictures. Document what [...]

Remembering Why We Are Trial Laywers

Author: Maria B. Glorioso | category : Published Articles There was a time, perhaps in our parents’ generation, when, if a woman had two children, and one had become a doctor and the other a [...]

Message to New Lawyers from the ATLA New Lawyer’s Division Chair 2000

Author: Maria B. Glorioso | category : Published Articles In preparing to write this message I turned to my “quick fixes” for inspiration and ideas. I found a book entitled ‘In Search of Atticus Finch’ [...]

Toy-Related Injuries – New Report Shows How Civil Justice System Improves Child Safety

Washington, D.C.—Unforeseen hazards are still finding their way into toys despite recently improved safety standards, illustrating the need for a strong civil justice system that protects children and holds negligent manufacturers accountable, according to a [...]

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